“CheckMySchool not only identifies the needs of the school, it also follows through to ensure that the school’s needs are addressed,”

It was a welcome sight: not only was the pathway fixed, but the wooden windows infested with termites had been replaced with glass jalousies. I was happy to see how much things had improved.

“Students need much more than just classrooms and school supplies. It is the role of CMS to guarantee that schools receive sustainable support from the government."

CMS Initiative

CheckMySchool is a participatory monitoring initiative for the education sector in the Philippines. It aims to continuously improve the quality of education services by bringing in the participation of citizens and communities into the governance of public schools in the country. It started in 2011 as an experimental partnership project with the Department of Education along the advocacy for access to information and social accountability.

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Stories of Change

CMS Participates in Budget Process of LGU
 September 16, 2016  CheckMySchool

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Student Volunteers Inspire Change in Public Schools
 September 11, 2016  CheckMySchool

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Your donation will be used to help more schools that need attention and for the continued operation of the secretariat. Your donation may be deposited here:

Name of account: Affiliated Network for Social Accountability - EAP Foundation, Inc.
Name of bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Address: Unit 102 317 FBR Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, 1108 Philippines
Account number: 9600-0052-32