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Culipapa National High School annex in Negros Occidental Gains Access to Computers

 February 15, 2017    

By: Richelle Verdeprado


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HINOBAAN, Negros Occidental – Chona doesn’t like to miss school. Everyday through mountainous trails, the freshman and Sowing Legacy Movement (SLM) scholar walks from her home to attend classes at the Vicente Z. Badon Campus of Culipapa National High School (CNHS) in Hinobaan, Negros Occidental. It is a five-hour trek.


After learning about the school through Chona, Checkmyschool (CMS) volunteers from the SLM (which included the author) visited the Vicente Z. Badon Campus in October 2016. An annex of CNHS located at the boundary of Negros Occidental and Oriental, the campus is home to over 400 students, many of who are like Chona—underprivileged but full of determination and potential.


The Vicente Z. Badon Campus has only five teachers, no library, no science laboratory and other modern learning facilities. During our visit, teacher-in-charge Roseville S. Malunes showed us a classroom that served as their all-in-one guidance and counseling room, mini-library, and office. She told us that the campus had only one computer, and it wasn’t even working. Because it is only an annex located in a remote area, the campus has been waiting for years for budget allocation to purchase a new computer. According to Ms. Malunes, they have been following up their budget request every year but noted that even the CNHS main campus does not have enough computers. The teachers told us that it breaks their heart to see students settle for drawing computers on paper and eventually graduate without ever using a real computer. We promised to return and do what we can to help them.


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On December 19, 2016 the CMS team together with the Student Supreme Government officers of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc. and representatives of the University Community Development Office (UCDO) of the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R) returned to Vicente Z. Badon Campus. This time we came bearing gifts: five slightly used personal computers donated by UNO-R through UCDO.


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To show their appreciation the students prepared a program for their visitors and, together with Ms. Malunes and Parent Teacher Association president Virgen S. Bendong, delivered messages of gratitude. “We have long been praying to receive even one computer, so we are immensely grateful to get five computers. Our students now have the means to become computer literate and our teachers can now provide quality education to 21st century learners,” Ms. Malunes said.


P.S. CMS is also bringing the school’s need for more computers to the attention of DepEd.




Edited by Eric Michael B. Santos

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