School Neediness Index Map

This School Neediness Index Map identifies which among the 44,751 public elementary and secondary schools in the country are in need of resources. The index consists of seven variables grouped into three: accessibility (remoteness, percentage of students receiving conditional cash transfers); amenities (water access, internet access, electricity access); and classroom condition (student-teacher ratio, student-classroom ratio). It made use of DepEd data from the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (E-BEIS), the National School Building Inventory conducted by the Education Facilities Division (EFD), and the Remoteness Index developed by the School Effectiveness Division (SED).

Heather Baier and Angela Yost worked on this map and the study on School Neediness Index. They came to the Philippines last May to July 2018 as Summer Fellows of William & Mary’s Global Research Institute.

Read background study and map tutorial.